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As you read this, know that I am humbled and honored by your life. Learning and sharing wisdom and joy has given me the opportunity to meet so many dedicated and caring people that inspire me to keep working. I am often in awe of the many folks who live lives of service to better the quality of our world in social, political, environmental, and economic avenues. On this day, Guru Purnima, we have the opportunity to reflect on the great gift of examples of people who urge us to move more deeply into our own inner wisdom. We are all constantly learning from each other. It is the willingness to care that helps us learn and grow.

Looking deeply into our lives to find out what we value and what we care about is the work of all spiritual practices. We learn to find ways to loosen the knots of frustration, doubt, and fear that keep us from being able to accurately express the ways we care about our own life and the lives of others. Our lives are situated in the context of our own ancestry, and the collective history of this world. The laws of nature, of causality, demonstrate that current conditions are a result of previous conditions. The actions of today are seeds for the future. We are mutually accountable for the impacts of our decisions and actions because all things are intertwined in ways that our minds can barely comprehend at this time. When our choices originate from steady wisdom and care that is rooted in dignity, self-respect, and friendliness the world we co-create has tremendous freedom. 

Shifting our gaze forward to the future, the picture is cloudy because the actions of today are cloudy. Human ingenuity, creativity, and inspiration is an unlimited resource, but the material resources of the world are finite and it is our responsibility to use them with care. We are in a period of great transformation and the burden is on everyone to act carefully. In our every day interactions, we must ask ourselves what information are we using to decide our actions. Is it the norms of our culture, the fears, hopes, or desires of our hearts, the demands of material life, or the natural results of previous conditioning and unconscious patterns we hold in response to pain and suffering? Choosing to awaken to our own potential freedom arises from compassion and care for our life and the lives of others. 

Our willingness to care and remain open and vulnerable to experience is a gift that allows us to expand and appreciate how our lives are all connected. Operating from a place of openness allows us to experience the deep treasures of our own virtues, values, and wisdom. In openness and tolerance we can discern what actions are appropriate for the well-being of our world. Living with tenderness is a luxury that arrives through hardship because it requires us to stay open despite the experience of hurt, pain, sadness, rejection, selfishness, arrogance, and jealousy. But caring is worth the effort. One small decision or one simple act of kindness can transform danger into safety. Caring is easy, free, and low-risk. The rewards are tenderness, and vulnerability, resilience, compassion, and kindness.

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